"Bahrain International Golf Championship Enters Decisive Final Rounds"

02 Feb 2024
"Bahrain International Golf Championship Enters Decisive Final Rounds"

Today, Saturday, marks the commencement of the crucial final stages in the inaugural Bahrain International Golf Championship presented by "Bapco Energies" within the DP World Tour. Held under the patronage of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, this prestigious event unfolds at the Royal Golf Club until next Sunday, offering substantial prizes totalling 2.5 million US dollars.


The players securing top positions after the initial two rounds will progress to the decisive rounds. Friday's second round witnessed intense competition, heightened by challenging windy conditions, presenting an additional test for the participants.


In standout performances from the second round, Swiss golfer Joel Girrbach, Swedish contender Jasper Svensson, and South African player Dylan Frittelli emerged as leaders with impressive scores of 9 strokes under par.


Joel Girrbach’s two-under-par strokes in the second round propelled him from second place to the top of the leaderboard. Svensson exhibited remarkable prowess, securing 7 under-par strokes in the second round, leaping an impressive 40 places to claim a prominent position. Frittelli, with 4 under-par strokes in the second round, ascended from eighth place to join the leading pack.


Following closely behind the leaders, Spaniard Alejandro Del Rey concluded the round with a commendable 8 strokes under par, securing two under-par strokes in the second round.

Tom Vaillant, the initial frontrunner after the first round, faced a setback, slipping to fifth place with a score of 7 strokes under par. This shift followed a second-round performance that landed him one stroke above par.


From the UAE, Golfer Joshua Grenville Wood Secures Spot in Decisive Rounds

Emirates' representative Joshua Grenville Wood successfully secured a spot in the decisive rounds, attaining a score equal to the overall average. Meanwhile, Saudi player Saud Al-Sharif concluded his run with a score of two hits above the average. Al-Sharif's standout second-round performance, where he scored one hit below the average, showcased his prowess.



Tournament Village Buzzes with Excitement

The Tournament Village witnessed a surge in attendance, attracting golf enthusiasts and visitors alike. Residents and visitors gathered for a delightful experience, immersing themselves in the thrilling competitions and diverse activities. The vibrant atmosphere allowed attendees to follow their favorite international golf stars while indulging in various offerings within the Tournament Village.


Entertainment Extravaganza for All Ages

The Tournament Village catered to attendees of all ages with a plethora of entertainment options. From face-painting experiences to trying a hand at mini-golf, the village offered a spectrum of activities. Additionally, attendees had the chance to savor seafood delights, witness captivating performances, and enjoy live music. The village also featured a dedicated section highlighting Bahraini folklore, adding a cultural touch to the festivities.


Aspirations Soar: 

Jules Gerbach conveyed his delight with the stellar performance delivered in the opening rounds. Despite grappling with strong morning winds during the second round, Gerbach exhibited resilience, maintaining composure to conclude the round on his terms. Expressing his ambition to secure a win in the DP World Tour, Gerbach shared, "For the past eight years, I've relished this tournament immensely."


Reflecting on the challenging start, Swedish golfer Jasper Svensson credited his success to a composed and focused gameplay. Svensson acknowledged feeling a bit fatigued but managed to regain his energy, showcasing determination to stay competitive in the race.


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