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Promote the fundamental values and principles of Olympism in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the fields of sport and education, by developing Olympic training, educational and cultural programmes.
Create a stimulating environment to increase sports participation and encourage a healthy lifestyle within the community.
Discover and refine Bahraini sports talent to achieve sporting excellence and consistent podium success at an international, continental and regional level.
Conduct training and management courses for sports coaches, administrators and technicians to enhance their competencies in line with global best practice.
Adopt and apply the rules and procedures of the World Anti-Doping Code to protect clean athletes and the integrity of sport in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Cooperate with governmental and non-governmental institutions and organisations within the framework of the Olympic Charter.
Develop a robust governance, administrative and support system for national sports federations and associations in the Kingdom.
Host regional and international sporting events in the Kingdom of Bahrain through the development of an integrated methodology for managing events.
Support the greater participation of women in sports in all different levels.

Bahrain Olympic Committee

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