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September 11, 20192

?The recently-concluded 56th ICHPER.SD Anniversary World Congress and Exposition in Bahrain was given a thumb up by high-ranking Bahraini officials.

The conference was organized by the Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC) in partnership with the International Council for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sports and Dance (ICHPER.SD) and the University of Bahrain (UoB).

Prominent figures in the field of sports also congratulated the personal representatives of His Majesty the King for Charity Work and Youth Affairs, Supreme Council for Youth and Sports chairman and BOC president Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa on winning two valuable awards at the closing ceremony.

Shaikh Nasser became the first Arab figure to win the ‘Highest Contribution Award’ from ICHER.SD since it was founded in 1958, which was in appreciation to his support and development to sports development in Bahrain.

He was also presented with a special ‘Royal Knight’ award from the International Military Sports Council (CISM) due to his remarkable efforts in the field of sports.

“I would like to personally congratulate Shaikh Nasser on receiving these two awards from ICHPERSD and CISM, which he deservedly earned,” said BOC board member and president of the Bahrain Weightlifting and Bodybuilding Federation president Shaikh Abdulla bin Rashid Al Khalifa.

“We all congratulate the Kingdom of Bahrain for hosting the 56th ICHPER.SD Anniversary World Congress and Exposition, which is one of the eldest conferences ever organized in the world, and has been contributing to supporting physical education and sport by presenting several scientific subjects in this area”.

On his part, BOC board member Isa Abdulrahim expressed pride for Shaikh Nasser being the first Arab figure to win these two awards, which proves his keenness to back and support charity and sports events. 

Abdulrahim also commended the efforts of the organising committee in successfully hosting the 56th edition of the conference in Bahrain, and noted urged sports leadership in the kingdom to benefit from the conference outcome to set up similar plans and programmes in the future.

CISM president Lt-Colonel Abdulhakim Al Shino, who is also member of the BOC board, stressed that Shaikh Nasser was the most qualified character to claim the ‘Royal Knight’ prize, thanks to his significant contributions to sports movement in Bahrain.

Al Shino added that the 56th ICHPER.SD Anniversary World Congress and Exposition underlines the aspirations of Shaikh Nasser to give further attention to the scientific part as a developing tool in the field of sport, noting that the BOC was successful in organising the conference in all aspects.

Dr. Waheeb Al Nasser, Professor of Physics at the University of Bahrain and Vice-President of Bahrain Astronomical Society, shared the same thoughts as he expressed deep appreciation for sincere congratulations for this achievement.

“I take this opportunity to congratulate Shaikh Nasser, which is something that made us all proud of,” said Dr Al Nasser.
“The Kingdom of Bahrain hosting the conference is a clear evidence of the Kingdom’s interest in the field of sport as a way to actively contribute to the advancement of sports movement here”.

Dr Al Nasser added that all the researches presented at the conference featured so much useful and valuable information that were shared by more than 200 participants over three days, and stated that the BOC achieved success by establishing its partnership with the UoB and ICHPER.SD to promote this event.

Kefah Al Daen, senior physiotherapy specialist at the Sports Medicine Centre – who received a special award for her recent contributions – thanked Shaikh Nasser for his generous gesture and appreciation to her efforts at the centre.

“I am so pleased to be honored by Shaikh Nasser at the conference, which was something that lifted my overall morale to put more efforts for the Sports Medicine Centre,” said Al Daen.


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