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Strategy is based on Pillars OLYMPIC CHARTER

The Olympic Charter is a constitution of the Olympic Movement supported by the Bahrain Olympic Committee since its inception on June 23, 1894. The Olympic Charter includes the fundamental principles of the Olympic Games, as well as the rules and statute adopted by the International Olympic Committee in defining the rights and obligations of the three Olympic movement components, namely the International Olympic Committee, the International Federations and National Olympic Committees.

Therefore, the focus was on the Olympic Charter as one of the most important basic references in both the Bahrain Olympic Committee or sports clubs and federations, media and all the sectors which believes that sport is an educational platform and a way of life.

Bahrain Economic Vision

The Bahrain Olympic Committee vision is consistent with the aspirations and ambitions of the Bahrain Economic Vision, which is based on a national strategy and methodology that brings the aspirations of the Bahrain Olympic Committee into reality which achieves the aspirations of the leadership and the community. The following basic principles adopted by the Bahrain Olympic Committee vision are competitive and sustainable.




Permanent podium presence.
● Provide a comprehensive physical and technical sports database.
● Adopting sustainable sports development methodology.
● Discover and refine sports talents to reach podium.
Hosting regional and international sports events.
● Contribution to the development of integrated sports infrastructure.
● Development of an integrated methodology for managing events
● Creation of sports events calendar
Building a distinct administrative system for sports federations.
● Applying effective governance principles for sports federations
● Promoting and supporting sport investment
● Applying best international practices in sports professionalism.
● Increasing sports participation and expanding the foundation of athletes
Establishing outstanding sporting technical and management competencies.
● Enhance scientific research and sources of sport learning
● Providing group of training packages compatible with global methodologies.
● Development of the Bahrain Olympic Academy as an accredited scientific institution.
Provide comprehensive, integrated and modern medical care.
● Activating anti-doping control agreements among athletes.
● Develop and support the National Sports Medicine Centre.
Building a contemporary supportive administrative system to provide comprehensive and integrated institutional support services.
● Apply the best global management practices
● Establish state of the art IT infrastructure.
● Partnerships through technical and media strategic projects and pursuit of integration with sports-related authorities.

Bahrain Olympic Committee

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