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September 11, 20190

?The Bahrain Olympic Committee has initiated its plan to establish a quality management system at its Sports Directorate.
The project is being planned by the strategic planning directorate in cooperation with all other directorates of the committee.
Strategic Planning Director Hasan Abdullatif said they have recently completed the first stage of the project through a series of awareness workshops in coordination with several expert parties in the field of quality management system implementation, which targeted the executive directorate as well as other committee staff.
He added that the executive office will  also be holding further workshops with different other directorates related to the committee, and noted that the second stage of the project will see the unification of all actions under the terms of a quality management system in the field of sports, and qualifying members of the development and follow-up committee.
Abdullatif affirmed that applying this system aims to adjust the procedures within the Bahrain Olympic Committee and sporting terms and standardization of work procedures, clarifying the tasks of the staff in order to ensure satisfaction  of the clients and beneficiaries at home and abroad.
He said the quality system depends on actions and not individuals, which means continuity of work in the absence of some responsible individuals, as it relies on teamwork. The implementation of this system would lead to continued improvement and creativity and quality of performance.

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