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September 11, 20190

?The National Sports Medicine Centre has become one of Bahrain’s most prominent sports related milestones, offering modern and efficient physiotherapy sessions for injured athletes.
According to director of the National Sports Medicine Centre Dr Khalid Al Shaikh, the centre has conducted 2,806 physiotherapy sessions in total covering all segments of the Bahrain society.
Al Shaikh said recent statistics saw relatively significant development compared to the first half of 2015, and is characterized by providing several services to large segments of the centre patients, either national teams’ or clubs players, and even non-athlete patients.
The centre services were also open to citizens and residents, thanks to the outstanding reputation that is now enjoyed by high degree competence doctors and specialists in field of sports medicine.
Statistics show that 442 sessions were held for national teams’ players and 1,195 for clubs athletes, while the remaining sessions involved non-athlete citizens and residents patients.
The official report issued by the centre pointed out the most important achievements that were accomplished in the first half of the year, including the start of visits made by the visiting doctors clinic (Neo Clinic) as well as hosting well-known doctor Juicy Jussi Rantanen.
Rantanen is regarded as one of the most prominent international experts in the field of sports injuries, and has diagnosed (35) injury cases during his most recent two-day visit to Bahrain. The centre will continue to have such visits regulated after summer season in an attempt to provide top medical services for its patients.

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