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September 11, 20191

Salman Mazen clinched the above 65-kg gold medal in the taekwondo events at the ongoing Third School Mini Olympics.
The Ibn Khuldoon National School student took the heavyweight title in the boys intermediate stage after winning the final against Sultan Othbashi of the Bahrain French School. Isa Town’s Mohammed Fuad rounded off the podium coming third in this weight category.
The taekwondo championship, staged over two days during the weekend at the Bahrain Handball Association’s gym in Um Al Hassam, brought competitions in different weight categories for primary and intermediate stages for boys and girls.
In the boys primary stage, which included 10 weight competitions in total, Ahmed Ali of Al Noor School emerged victorious in the 57kg gold medal.
Ismail Fareed of Modern Horizons School took the silver, while Al Noor School’s Mohammed Isa and Radi Sadeq shared the bronze.
There were 11 weight contests in the girls intermediate stage as Noaf Ahmed of Isa Town School topped the 59kg category, while Maryam Husain of Sitra School came second.
Mini School action continues today with the finals of the girls football championships at Riffa Club gym in Hunainiya, in addition to the boys football championships semifinals at the Bahrain Football Association in Riffa.
The Swimming contests also scheduled for today evening at Khalifa Sports City’s Bahrain Swimming Association, in Isa Town.
Other results:
Primary Stage (Boys) – 23kg: 1. Muath Anas (Al Mahd); 2 Ahmed Al Arayyed (Al Noor); 3 Mohammed Khalifa (Hamad Town).
25kg: 1. Ali A. Amir (Ibn Sina); 2 Hasan Ali (Al Wadi); 3 A. Aziz Al Amiri (Al Mahd); 3 Haider Husain (Hamad Town).
27kg: 1. Ali Amiri (Al Mahd); 2. Nawaf Al Kaabi (Al Hekma); 3. Faisal Khalid (Al Noor); 3 Haytham Fadel (East Riffa).
30kg: 1. Hadi A. Sahib (Al Noor); 2 A. Aziz Mahmood (Al Maaly Gate); 3 Yousef Yasser (Al Noor); 3. Abdulla Kuayyed (Sitra).
33kg: 1. Mohammed Yasser (Al Noor); 2. Yousef Al Shajar (Al Imam Al Tabari); 3 Fares Sadeq (Pakistan School); 3. Bader Mohammed (Malik Ibn Anas).
37kg: 1 Abdulla Jassim (Ahmed Al Fateh); 2 Husain Majeed (Al Noor); 3. Mohammed Mahmood (Abu Obaida AL Jarrah); 3. Mohammed Hani (Al Noor).
41kg: 1. A. Aziz Adel (Osama bin Zaid); 2. S. Yousef Nizar (Jafari Institute); 3. Ali Husain (Sitra); 3. Ahmed Khalil (Al Dia).
45kg: 1. Husain Ali (New Indian School); 2. Husain Al Khaldi (AMA); 3. Yousef Ahmed (Al Monther bin Sawa); 3 Mubarak Mohammed (Al Maaref).
49kg: Danial Al Zeera (Al Wisam); 2. Mohammed Adel (Bader Al Kubra); 3. Ali Husain (Sitra); 4. Ali Jafer (Al Dia).
53kg: 1. A. Rahman Basam (Malik bin Anas); 2. Ammar Yasser (Religious Institute); 3. Hasan Al Koheji (Al Falah); 3. Omar Islam (Al Noor).
Intermediate Stage (Boys) – 31kg: 1. Ali Abdulla (Infinite); 2. Fuad Faisal (Al Bilad Al Qadeem) ; 3. Mohamed A. Aziz (Al Imam Ali); 3. Manaf Khalid (Al Hidd).
37kg: 1. Salman Mohammed (Al Bilad Al Qadeem); 2. Muntadar Ibrahim (Jidhafs); 3. Husain Waleled (Al Noor).
41kg: Ayman Fadel (Al Diraz); 2. Fares Yousef (Al Imam Al Ghazali); 3. Waleed Talal (Al imam Al Ghazali); 3. Nidal Mohammed (Isa Town).
45kg: 1. Abdulla Fuad (HaMad Town); 2. Ammar Yasser (Arabian Gulf Pearl); 3. Jabur Ali (Othman bin Affan); 3. Osama Fareed (Al Farabi).
49kg: 1. Husain Saeed (Othman bin Affan); 2. Mohammed Khalid (Al Farabi); 3. Ali Mansoor (Al Imam Ali); 3. Mohamed Ibrahim (Al Sehla).
53kg: 1. Ibrahim Jameel (Jidhafs); 2. Abdulla Jaffer (Aali).
57kg: 1. Nawaf Basam (Ahmed Al Fateh); 2. Khalifa Jassim (Religious Institute); 3. Mohammed Jaffer (A’ali).
61kg: 1. Mohammed Ammar (British School).
65kg: 1. Ali Yasser (Al Noor); 2. Hani Mustafa (Al Noor); 3. Husain Hasan (Isa Town); 3. Sajad Adel (Isa Town).
Primary Stage (Girls): – 21kg: 1. Jawaher Khalid (Al Noor); 2. Darwina Manooj (Indian School); 3. Zahra Jaffer (Salmabad).
23kg: 1. Fatma Jafer (Salmabad); 2. Namita Park (Multinational).
25kg: 1. Fawzia Mohammed (Al Mahd); 2. Dina Al Doy (Al Noor); 3. Dalya Ahmed
(Al Bayan).
27kg: 1. Maria (British School).
33kg: 1. Noor A. Hameed (Jidhafs); 2. Maryam Mahmod (Al Nassem); 3. Nooratika (British School); 3. Dalya Jameel (Arabian Gulf).
37kg: 1. Dana Ali (Al Noor).
41kg: 1. Jianna (Philippines School).
44kg: 1. Asya Malak (British School); 2. Shaikha Mohammed (Al Maaref); 3. Sakina Ayman (Al Ahlia).
47kg: 1. Zaynab Ayman (Al Ahlia); 2. Sara Sami (Middle School).
Above 57kg: 1. Fatma Hisha (AMA).
Intermediate Stage (Girls): – 41kg: 1. Ghaitha Siraj (Al Naseem); 2. Hashmia S. Hadi (Isa Town).
44KG: 1. Sara Khalid (Al Noor).
51kg: 1. Fawzia Mohammed (Isa Town); 2. Razan Samir (Sacred Heart).
55kg: 1. Noaf Abdulla (Yathreb).
Above 59kg: 1. Dilara Ann Tansil (Bahrain School).

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