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September 11, 201914

?The Bahrain Olympic Committee recently organized a seminar on breast cancer dangers and threats in cooperation with the Ministry of Health as part of its activities and programs, with representatives of the Supreme Council for Youth and the committee taking part.
The seminar was organized as part of programs and activities provided by BOC in order to spread awareness regarding the importance of early examination in order to prevent onset of this disease and the necessary solutions for its early detection.
Dr Amal Dawood of the Ministry of Health presented the seminar, in which she brought up a number of subjects that are relevant to this disease as well as ways to avoid it by going through regular medical check-ups.
She stressed the importance of conducting regular medical visits, especially for patients with over 40 years of age, in order to recover from breast cancer at its early stages.
On his part, BOC’s National Sports Medicine Centre director Dr Khalid Al Shaikh urged for the need to undergo regular breast examination procedure as the tool to prevent the onset of the disease, highlighting the need to spread awareness regarding breast cancer because as the proverbial saying goes: Prevention is better than cure.”


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