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September 11, 20191

?Preparations are on for the second edition of Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad International Youth Creativity Award, which has achieved tremendous success in the first edition held earlier this year.
These preparations were reviewed during the award Executive Committee meeting, chaired by Bahrain Olympic Committee general secretary Abdulrahman Askar and attended by committee members Dr Abdulrahman Sayyar, Abduljalil Assad, Mohammed Lori and Dalal Salama.
Askar said the award is now moving a step forward and is now open to participants from all over the Arab region after it was only open for Bahrain during the first edition.
The committee discussed the overall plan of the award as well as some suggestions submitted by its members in an attempt to add side activities to the main event.
They also brought up the award statutes, as a request to separate the technical regulations from the administrative regulations.
The committee members then looked into the submission forms and decided to have regular meetings in order to hold discussions on all that is related to the award.
The award’s vision is to nurture the creativity in the youth and enhance their talents in various fields of science, literary and artistic skills to a professional level to enable them to reach prominent levels on a global standard.
it’s mission is to attract and develop talents and promote innovation by reducing obstacles faced by many of the world’s youth by providing them with the opportunity to express themselves and their talents and involving them in the development of their nation.
Among the main objectives of the award is to support the development of skills by conducting or supporting specialized workshops in their respective fields, and appreciating outstanding talents by supporting the development of the nation.
The award also aims to provide a suitable environment that reduces constraints and obstacles to support and nurture the spirit of innovation and creativity among young people in various fields of science, literary and art.
Create a community that encourages the current and future generations to be innovative and reach excellence, by advancing from narrow-minded thinking and planning.
It also seeks strengthening the relationship and ties between the youth of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the youth from all around the world, to enable and promote the exchange of experience between youth all over the world and spread the spirit of the competitiveness to create a positive worldwide competition among the participants.

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