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Established in 1981, and affiliated to the International Olympic Academy of the IOC, the Bahrain Olympic Academy is a knowledge-based academic centre for Olympic studies, education and research. The Academy provides a wide range of training and management courses for sports coaches, administrators and technicians, designed to enhance their professional competencies in line with global best practice.


National Coaching Certification Programme (NCCP)

The aim of this programme is to enable coaches to lead their clubs and national teams, and prepare them through a comprehensive, professional and integrated plan, at a physical, technical, and mental level.

The programme consists of four levels. The first three levels comprise theoretical, specialised and practical elements. The fourth level involves the preparation of a case study on a sports-specific project; as well as preparing and presenting an annual training plan, which will be discussed, evaluated and approved by a panel of academic supervisors and technical evaluators.

Strength & Body-Building Course

Comprising eight levels, this course provides strength training and physical preparation for weightlifting and body-building athletes.

Dartfish Video Analysis

The Academy provides training courses for coaches to apply the Dartfish programme. This is a video-analysis solution that allows coaches to capture, analyse and share videos of training sessions and matches. The software offers tools to capture the footage directly into the platform, tag events in real time, and upload, organise and share the various videos produced.

Elite Coaches Advanced Course

These advanced specialist courses provide an opportunity for elite and national team coaches who have completed the fourth level of the NCCP, to learn about the latest scientific and practical developments and innovations in the field of coaching, presented by global experts in a five-day workshop.

CPR Administration

Organised in collaboration with the US Navy Base, this two-day workshop is designed to train and qualify technical and administrative staff from sports organisations in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). At the end of the workshop, participants are licensed by the International Red Cross to administer CPR, which is valid for two years.

Learning Facilitators Development Course

This is a specialised training course for the National Programme for Trainers.

Sports Management Programme

This 12-month programme provides specialised training opportunities for sports management and administrative staff of National Sports Federations and Associations.

  • Sports Administration Course – Level 1 (Introduction)
  • Advanced Sports Administration Course (Six Modules):
  1. Organisation of Sports and Olympic Institutions
  2. Strategic Management
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Financial Affairs Administration
  5. Marketing Management
  6. Major Sports Events Organisation

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