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September 11, 201997

Dr. Khalid Al Shaikh, the Director of the centre, said a wide range of services are being provided by the centre in the field of athletes treatment and injury recovery of national sports clubs and federations representatives, either players, administrators, coaches or referees.
He said that treatment sessions have been raised by a double margin during July 2013, which saw 592 sessions compared to 286 in June.
The number of patients also witnessed significant increase of 84 athletes, while 35 non-athletes patients visited the centre during the same period.

Among women, 171 patients have been under treatment while the average of patients for each physiotherapist during July went up to 74 compared to 31.7 in January.

Al Shaikh said the center signed an agreement with Seiko Insurance Company and Alico to add to their network therapeutic center, which will ensure an increase in the number of patients from outside the sports field.

He stressed that the centre welcomes non-athletes patients either citizens or residents as well as those from the insurance companies at attractive packages.

Dr Al Shaikh pointed out that the centre offers distinct therapeutic services using latest medical equipment and treatment methods developed at reasonable prices.

Their sports and physical activities include treatment from all sports injuries, low back pain, intervertebral disck prolapse, cervical and lumbar spondylosis, soft tissue injuries, per-arthritis, muscle strain and ligament injuries.

Other series are rheumatoid joint stiffness, post traumatic joint stiffens, spinal deformities, chronic pain management, post-operative traumatic rehabilitation, paraplegia, quadriplegia, strokes and muscular dystrophy.

Dr Al Shaikh said that the treatment services provided by the centre is contributing to the patients receiving the best chance of healing, pointing out that a vast experience enjoyed by specialists at the centre makes it one of the best centres in the Kingdom.


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