Bahrain Weight Lifting Federation

Board of Directors members:

Sultan Husain Al Ghanem - President
Khalid Adel Isa Al Jowder - Vice President
Jassim Mohamed Abdulla Bursheid - General Secretary
Ali Abdulla Yusuf Yahya - Treasurer 
Layla Abdulla Al Meer - Assistant General Secretary
Shehab A. Khaliq Mohamed - Calisthenics Committee chairman
Fahad Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Al Aish - Member
Husain Isa Khalifa Al Hayki - Member
Fahad Mohamed Siddiq Al Alawi - Member
Tareq Ali Omar - Manager​

Bodybuilding achievements: 
•Nader Malallah won first place in the Asian Championships in Mongolia, while Daij Al Dossary came in fourth place
•Hussain Jassim won the 2010 Asian Championship in Bahrain in 2010.
•Ammar Al Mohsin and Mohammed Rashid were first and third, respectively, in the 2010 Asian Championships in Bahrain.
•Sami Al Haddad won his weight category in the World Amateur Championships in India 2011.
•Sami Al Haddad came second in a number of World Professional Championships.

Weightlifting achievements:
•Abdulredha Abdullah Yusuf took a gold medal in the 2010 GCC Championships in Bahrain.
•Ali Hassan finished third in the 2010 GCC Championship in Bahrain.