Bahrain Swimming Association

Board of Directors:

Shaikh Mohamed bin Ebrahim bin Abdulla Al Khalifa - President
Khalid Rabeia Sinan Al Dossary - Vice President
​Faisal A. Wahab Swar - General Secretary
Mohamed Mubarak Mesfer Al Mehanndi - Treasurer
Dr Maryam Mirza A. Hussain - Member
Tareq Juma Salem - Member
Isa Sanad Abdulla - Member
Mohamed Sanad Al Rashidi - Social Media supervisor​
Khalid Al Muqla - Director

In 1974, a constituent committee of the Bahrain Swimming Association (BSA) was formed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and included Faisal Swar, Jassim Musaifer, Abbas Makki, Mohammad Rafi Mubarak and Saeed Al Aradi.

The association has been declared following the decision No. (6) dated 22.12.1974 and the first board of director was formed as follows:

1 - His Highness Shaikh Khalid bin Mohammed bin Salman Al Khalifa President
2 - Faisal Abdul Wahab Swar General Secretary
3 - Jassim Musaifer Treasurer
4 - Abbas Ahmed Makki Referee Committee Head
5 - Khalil Ibrahim Bosmet Member
6 - Jassim Al Rashdan Member
7 - Hassan Yousef Bo Ali Member

The BSA joined the GCC Swimming Federation upon foundation in 1976, Asia Swimming Federation (AASF) in 1978, International Swimming Federation (FINA) in 1979, Arab Swimming Federation (ASF) in 1983, and became a member of the GCC Swimming Organizing Committee.

The BSA organized the first GCC Clubs Swimming competition in the summer of 1975, with the participation of  Al Hala, Al Arabi, Busaiteen, Al Hidd, Ittihad Al Shabab (now known as Al Khaleej). The competition was won by  Al Hala Club.

Since then, several tournaments and competitions for clubs took place over the past years, including two winter and two summer events every year, while diving and water polo teams were formed in a number of members clubs.

The BSA also hosted open championships to celebrate national occasions, such as the National Day, the Health Week, long course competitions, private and government schools gatherings as well as other events.

The Bahrain Swimming Association took upon itself to prepare and qualify national cadres by holding a variety of training and judging courses involving all water sports besides sending national cadres in abroad to participate in different courses and participate in GCC, Arab and international tournaments.

Furthermore, they worked on expanding swimming by allowing all segments of the society to compete in several educational programs for men, women and children, besides attending meetings of the GCC, Arab, Asian and international federations.