Bahrain Motor Federation


Established on 23 November 1952  as Bahrain Motor Club – 2nd January 2001 as Bahrain Motor Federation.

To promote the safety and soundness of motoring and motorsport in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Our goal is to ensure safe and fair motorsport competition.
Exercise the sporting power as "ASN" for Bahrain in accordance with the International Sporting Code and such instructions and directions as may be received from the FIA.
Encourage, manage, regulate, and advance motorsport in Bahrain upholding the values and spirit of true competitive sport and fairness.
Ensure safety is maximized in conduct of motorsport.
Formulate, issue, interpret, implement, enforce, and amend as required the GCR (General Competition Regulations) as necessary for the control and conduct of motorsport in Bahrain.
Issue competition licences, officials licences, and event permits in accordance with the Code and the GCR.
Support and cooperate with any club, association, organization, group or individual whose activities or objectives are similar to those of BMF or which advance the cause of motorsport in Bahrain.
Publish annual Bahrain motorsport calendar of events and arrange listing of international events on the FIA calendar.
Establish and operate the judicial system for motorsport in Bahrain.
Promote programs aimed at safety, training, and education in motoring and motorsport.
Promote and be engaged in road safety.
Have regard for public interest, environment protection, and other national causes in the operations of BMF.
​Board of Directors:

Shaikh Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa - President
Shaikh Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa - Vice President
Rashid A. Latif Al Zayani - General Secretary
Nawaf Faisal Al Hamer - Treasurer
Isa Ismail Al Awadhi - Member
Fayez Ramzi Fayez - Member
Elie Jamil Semaan - Member
Mazin Mohamed Al Hilli - Member
A. Rahman Ghuloom Hasan - Member
Yasser Abdulla Hasan - Member
Adel Mohamed Darwish - Member

Sports Achievements:

Organize Formula 1  at  Abu Dhabi / India / Baku
Became Regional Training Provider for Officials & Medical

National Championships:

Bahrain AutoCross - Driving Skills Race
Bahrain MotoCross - Motorcycle Desert Race
Circuit Racing Championships – 2000 cc – Porsche GT3 - TCR
Bahrain Drag Race Championship ( DRAG )
Bahrain Karting Championships – BKSC -  BKEC - SSWS
Bahrain Motorcycle Racing Championships - BMR 600 – BSBK – BSSB 

Contact us:

Address / Location : Bahrain International Circuit
Tel : 17452000
Fax : 17452020
Email :