Bahrain Mind Sports Association

Founded in 1999 and oversees the following sports:

1. Chess
2. Checkers
3. Scrabble
4. Bridge
The association was formed after the including four sports under one umbrella, where in the past there was an association for chess besides three committees for the three other sports. The chess association was founded in 1991.
National teams in different age categories participated in a number of tournaments, including:
·World Chess Olympiad (The association took part in most of the Olympiad organised every two years).
·World Youth Chess championship
·Asian Chess Championship
·Arab Men’s and Women’s Chess Championships
·Arab Games – Chess
·Asian Games – Chess
·The Asian Indoor Games – Chess
·Pan Arab Chess Championships (u-18, u-10, u-12, u-14, u-16, u-18, u-20, boys & girls)
·GCC Chess Championships
·World Checkers Championship
·World Scrabble Championship
·GCC  Scrabble Championship
·West Asian Bridge Championship
·Asian Bridge Championship
·Bridge World Championships
·Arab Bridge Championship
The association organized several tournaments including:
·Men’s and Women’s Arab Chess Championship
·West Asian and Middle East Bridge Championships
·GCC Scrabble Championship
·Arab Team Chess Championship
·GCC Chess Championships
·West Asian Chess Championship
·Maher Abdul Jalil Ayad won the gold medal at the World Chess Olympiad in Slovenia in 2002.
·The Bahrain chess team won the bronze medal at the GCC Chess Championships in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.