Bahrain Maritime Sports Association

Board of Directors:

Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa - President
Numan Rashid Al Hasan - Vice President
Sameer Jassim Shuwaiter - General Secretary
Ala'a Abdulla Siyadi - Treasurer
Ghalib Mahmood Al Mahmood - Member
Ebrahim Khamis Hazim - Member
Isa Yousif Al Ghawi - Member
Khalid Marhoon - Director

Sailing is an ancient sport known by our ancestors for a long time when they were sailing as a source of making for living. Today, our interest in this sport is renewed in order to expand and develop this sporting discipline in the Kingdom.

Founders and the idea of ​​creating this discipline:
The idea came by founder Shaikh Khalifa bin Abdulla Al Khalifa and several other sailing fans who formed a committee to oversee sailing. They made contacted officials at the General Organization for Youth and Sports to officially declare the foundation of the sailing committee.

Thus, President of the General Organization for Youth and Sports Shaikh Isa bin Mohammed Al Khalifa issued a decision in 1983, announcing the sailing committee and giving them the right to organize and supervising sailing events.

In 1993, the committee was changed in to an association after a decision under No. 54 on May 24.  Another decision No. 7 was announced on 30 April 2001, issued by the next Goys president Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, to include all other maritime sports within the association.
Headquarters and place of exercise:
The Bahrain Sailing Club, located in Al Jazayer beach area in Zallaq, has become the permanent premises for the association as well sailing and regatta fans to practice all maritime disciplines with latest facilities made available.
Successive boards of the directors:
Foundation Board from 1985 until 1990
1. Shaikh Khalifa bin Abdullah Al Khalifa – President
2. Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Saad – Vice President
3. Mr. Yusuf Ahmed salvific –  General Secretary
4. Mr. Ibrahim Saad - member
5. Mr. Ahmed Boushahri - member
6. Mr. Jassim Abdullah - member
7. Mr. Ala’a Abdullah Siyadi - member
Board of Directors from 1990 up to 1994
1. Shaikh Khalifa bin Abdullah Al Khalifa - president
2. Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Saad - Vice President
3. Mr. Abdullah Ma’awda - secretary general
4. Mr. Abdullah Sabah Bouzid - member
5. Mr. Mohamed Al Sayed - member
6. Mr. Isa Al Busmait - member
7. Mr. Salah Hijris - member
8. Dr. Ahmed Al Saie - member
9. Mr. Mattar Al Maolod - member
Board of Directors from 1994 to 1998
1. Shaikh Khalifa bin Abdullah Al Khalifa - President
2. Shaikh Mubarak bin Abdullah Al Khalifa - Deputy Prime
3. Mr. Noman Rashid Al Hassan - General Secretary
4. Mr. Ala’a Abdullah Siyadi - member
5. Mr. Mahd Hashim Ibrahim - member
6. Dr. Adel Abdul Rahim Kamal - member
7. Mr. Issa Al Busmait - member
8. Dr. Ahmed Al Saie - member
9. Mr. Mattar Al Malood - member
Board of Directors from 1998 until 2004
1. Shaikh Khalifa bin Abdullah Al Khalifa President
2. Sheikh Mubarak bin Abdullah Al Khalifa Deputy Prime
3. Mr. Noman Rashid Al Hassan - General Secretary
4. Mr. Samir Jassim Showaiter - Secretary
5. Shaikh Khaled bin Isa Al Khalifa - member
6. Mr. Ala’a Abdullah Siyadi - member
7. Mr. Ibrahim Khamis Hazeem - member
8. Mr. Khalid Al Siddiqi - member
9. Mr. Ahmed Muslim - member
Achievements and championships:
1. World Championship in Spain (Cadis)
 From 10 to 26 September 2003
Location: Spain
Shaikh Khalifa bin Abdullah Al Khalifa chaired the association delegation at the World Sailing Championship in Spain and saw Bahrain take part first time in such prestigious international gathering. The delegation comprised Mr. Noman Al Hassan, administrator Mr. Khalid Siddiqi, coach Captain Kasem Ben Jemia and sailor Sami Al Kooheji.
The number of participants in this global championship were nearly 1,400 competitors, representing different countries from all around the world competing for berths in the Athens Summer Olympics in 2004.
International achievements in Abu Dhabi International Championship:
From October2 to 3,  2003
Location: Abu Dhabi
Tournament was held under the patronage of Shaikh Khalid bin Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, as members of the national team dominated the Abu Dhabi International Championship, open for modern boats, in all categories where players achieved the following results:
Muhanna Al Dosari first place in laser boats 4.7
Ahmed Abdulaziz first place in optimist over 12 years
Omar Abdulaziz first place in optimist under 12 years old
Sami Kooheji second place in laser Standard boats
Abdulaziz Al Mahmeed third place in the Laser Radial
Intermediate International Regatta (Laser boats class):
From July 2 to 7, 2003
Location: Hammamet - Tunisia
Participants: Sami Al Kooheji, Abdulla Janahi, Abdulaziz Al Mahmeed
Position: Third place overall in this tournament
UK Regatta Championship - (Laser boats class):
August 22 to 26, 2003
Location: Scotland - the UK
Participants: Sami Kooheji, Muhanna Al Dosari, Abdulla Janahi
Position: Advanced results as first participation
5. Al Bareh International Regatta (Bahrain) for laser boats and optimist:
From  June 16 to 20, 2004
Bahrain finished second in the laser boats class, came third place in the Laser 4.7, and second in the optimist class, which was open for young participants.
6. Bahrain clinched the title winning first place in the Second GCC championship for J24 class, which was held in Bahrain under the supervision of the association from December 18 to 19, 2003 with the participation of teams from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE, in addition to the Kingdom of Bahrain.
7. Dubai International Championship for laser boats and optimist
Bahraini participated in the tournament, which was held from January 23-30, 2004 and achieved the following results:
Charlie Hull - second place in laser class
Muhanna the Salman Al Dosari - fifth place in laser class
Abdullah Mohammed Janahi in sixth place laser class
Hamad Yaqoub Al Mahmeed in 10th place in Laser 4.7
Ahmad Abdulaziz Ahmed – 20th place in optimist
Omar Abdulaziz Ahmed - 11th place in optimist
8. Qatar International Championship:
It was held from February  22 to 27, 2004. The results of the Bahraini team were as follows:
Sami Kooheji - first place - Laser
Abdulaziz Al Mahmeed - first place in Laser Radial
Abdulrahim Abdullah - second place in laser 4.7
9. Al Bareh International Regatta
It was held in Bahrain from June 22 to 25, 2004 and involved eight teams representing the GCC , Egypt and Pakistan. The results of the Bahraini team were as follows:
Sami Al Kooheji - first place in Laser class
Abdullah Janahi second place in Laser
Ibrahim Abdullah - third place in Laser
Muhanna Al Dosari - second place in Laser 4.7
Charlie Hull - third place in Laser 4.7
Ahmed Abdulaziz - first place in optimist
Omar Abdulaziz - second place in optimist
10. Qualification for the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics
Due to the good results achieved by the Bahrain national team members in recent participation, team ace Sami Al Kooheji was granted a place in the Athens Olympics, which was held from  August 17 to 29, 2004.
11. President of the association meeting with Italian club Tripoli:
Date: August 9, 2003
Location: Italy
Shaikh Khalifa bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, President of the association, met with president of Italian Tripoli Club Mr. John Marlincon and Italy Sailing Federation member Mr. Walter Kaploj, and informed them on Bahrain’s wish to host an  international regatta championship.
12. Olympic Solidarity Course for sailing coaches:
From October 6 to 11, 2003 in Bahrain.
The course, under the supervision of the Bahrain Olympic Committee, was held in co-operation with the Olympic Solidarity Committee. The instructor for this course was Mr. Gill Span  of France and has a vast experience in sailing and was working within the technical team at the French Sailing Federation.
Coaches from Kuwait, the Republic of Sudan, Tunisia, France and the UK participated in this course.
13. Jet skis and qualifying for the 2003 World Championship qualifiers:
Bahrain also participated in many races and championships, which enabled them to participate in these playoffs, namely:
- Al Fujairah International Water Scooters Race
- Abu Dhabi International Cycling water first round
- Dubai International Championship bicycle water first round
- Dubai and Abu Dhabi International Water Scooters Championships second round
- Abu Dhabi International race
- World Cup qualifier first phase in 2005.
14. Speed Boats
The association did not show interest in some maritime sports, but also showed interest in speed boats due to its popularity.
On Friday, September 26, 2003, the association, in co-operation with Delma Marine, organized a speed boat race with the participation of 16 boats and riders. The race was held between Muharraq causeways. ​​The idea of having the race was to spread and develop this sport in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
15. The association’s interest in rowing attracted many lovers of this sport
Through the keenness of the association to introduce a variety of sports competitions, they showed interest in the development and deployment of rowing, which attracted large number of fans. This discipline is being practiced on daily basis at the Bahrain Sailing Club in Al Jazyer Beach in Zallaq in timely sessions. Therefore, the association had organized various rowing competitions on the national level, and also participated training and qualifying several students from the Education Ministry and University of Bahrain.
The most important rowing tournaments were:
1. First Rowing Championships in October 2002
2. Muharraq Governorate Championship in December 2002
3. Nasser Al Suwaidi Championship in February 2003
4. Ahmed Al Muslim Championship in April 2003
5. Al Islah Society Championship in July 2003
6. Bahrain Travelers Championship in July 2003
7. Islamic Education Society Championship in August 2003
16. Sailing school
With the support from the board of directors of the association in developing sailing and other marine sports, the sailing school was inaugurated in Manama on Thursday, April 4, 1999. It has attracted many sailing fans as an administrative and technical team was formed to run training sessions on this occasion.
Bahraini administrators names:
1. Shaikh Khalifa bin Abdullah Al Khalifa - President of the Arab Sailing Association since its inception
2. Mr. Noman Rashid Al Hassan - member of the Executive Office of the Arab association
Names of national teams:
The first team representing the association in the Al Bareh International Regatta Championship in 1989
1. Shaikh Khalifa bin Abdullah Al Khalifa
2. Mr. Abdulrahman Al Saad
3. Mr. Isa Al Busmait
4. Mr. Khalid Al Siddiqi

Second team
1. Shaikh Khalifa bin Abdullah Al Khalifa
2. Mr. Isa Al Busmait
3. Dr. Ahmed Al Saie
4. Mr. Yousef Nour
5. Mr. Khalid Al Siddiqi
Third team
1. Mr. Khalid Al Siddiqi
2. Mr. Isa Al Busmait
3. Mr. Abdulrahman Al Saad
4. Mr. Jassim Abdullah
5. Dr. Adel Kamal
6. Dr. Ahmed Al Saie
Fourth team
1. Mr. Ibrahim Khamis Hazeem
2. Mr. Samir Jassim Showaiter
3. Mr. Mohammad Hashim Ibrahim
4. Mr. Khalid Al Siddiqi
Fifth team:
1. Mr. Ibrahim Khamis Hazeem
2. Mr. Samir Jassim Showaiter
3. Mr. Mohammed Mattar Al Malood
4. Mr. Mohamed Gharib
5. Mr. Bader Abdullah
Names of national team players in 2004
1. Sami Abdel Wahab Al Kooheji
2. Abdullah Mohammad Aqeel Janahi
3. Abdulaziz Yaqoub Al Mahmeed
4. Muhanna Salman Al Dossari
5. Ibrahim Abdullah Salman
6. Khalid Khonji
7. Rahim Abdullah Salman
8. Hamad Jacob Mahmeed
9. Mustafa Janahi
10. Ahmed Aziz Ahmed
11. Omar Abdulaziz Ahmed
12. Charlie Hull
13. Faisal Abdulaziz Ahmed
14. Ahmed Abdullah Salman
15. Ibrahim Samir Showaiter
The coaches who took helm of team training were:
1. German coach John Hilly in 1986
2. Tunisian coach Mr. Kassem Abdulrazak Ben Jemia in 2001