Bahrain Gymnastic Federation

Gymnastics is a sport featuring a series of moves performances in different devices. In each device, there are different series of moves. Gymnastics combines strength, flexibility, speed, and dexterity. Artistic gymnastics competitions for men consists of 6 devices which are a floor mat, pommel horse, the ring, horse vault, and a horizontal bar. As for the women's part, it   has two areas – artistic and rhythmic gymnastics.

Gymnastics in Bahrain goes back to four thousand years ago, as some historians recall that this sport is inspired from the tumblers in the ancient Egypt, who were jumping and making special movements that required huge fitness.

This was based on some drawings and inscriptions on the walls on the pyramids and tombs that were discovered. Greek men and women played sport of all kinds, including gymnastics, which became part of their Olympic Games.

Board of Directors:
Abdulla Yousif Rahma Al Dosary - President
Dr Nader Mohamed Jamali - Vice President
Jassim Mohamed Ebrahim Al Kuwari - General Secretary
Nahid Jassim A. Reda - Technicall Committee Head
Waleed Othman Rifat Bashir - Treasurer
Fahad A. rahman Buchiri - Media & P.R. Committee head​

Achievements of the Bahrain Gymnastics Associations include Hussam Jaffer winning the bronze medal at the 10th GCC Championship 2012. In this event, Ali Majeed, Hassan Nazeeh, Adnan Abdali and Ahmed Al Zayed also won a bronze medal each.
There were some other international competitions for Bahrain, one of which was the Ninth GCC Artistic Gymnastics Championship.