Bahrain Fencing Association

The Bahraini Fencing Association was founded in 2007 and was registered at the General Organization for Youth and Sports under decision (27) on 25/9/2007.

The association sent its sports teams in various regional, continental and international competitions, including the World Fencing Championships for juniors and cadets and the Asian Fencing Championships for juniors and cadets.

Other events were the Arab Championships for seniors, cadets and juniors, the West Asian Federation Championships for a juniors and cadet and the Arab Clubs Fencing Championships for seniors, cadets and juniors.

The association also organised a number of championships over the past few years such as the GCC Championship for seniors, cadets and juniors in 2011 as well as the Arab Fencing Championship for juniors and cadets on March, 2013.

Business Strategy in Fencing

In order to have a right start, the association should have its focus on creating a broad basis of fencers, which would come through calling to organize intensive courses to teach fencing for both sexes – aged from 11 to 14 years. Oversees coaches must be brought from Eastern Europe, specifically Hungary or Russia, due to the availability of the experience they have.

Activating the role of clubs and participating in the association programs comes by specifying training groups for the clubs teams and organizing intensive courses for them to help them prepare the basis of their teams. This process is also supervised by the expat coach, each in their respective sport. Work should be done with three national clubs at the beginning of the program that will be selected based on its experiences in terms of these clubs co-operation and support to its fencers.

The Competitions Committee, in cooperation and coordination with the working committee of each weapon, should set up a program of all competitions and tournaments for the new fencers from their respective clubs thoughtfully aimed to evaluate work and create a spirit of competitiveness, which will contribute to the emergence of young talents that will be selected later for the training at the Development Centre to improve on their past levels and chose the elite ones for the national teams in each game.

Some of the sources of supplying the base fencers include  Summer program for the students, intensive courses teaching fencing to children aged 11 - 14 years old and visits to private schools to present its program and the possibility to take advantage of the available talents and selecting the best of them.

Championships Organized by the Association

 - Asian Fencing Championship Junior/Cadet 2016
- Junior World Cup Men's Epee 2016