Cricket Bahrain Association

 Board of Directors:

Saleem Elyas A. Aziz Mohamed - President
Mohamed Sajid Shaikh Izharulhaq - Member
S. Rizwan Ali Shah - Member
Yasser Dhafer Ali Ismail - Member
Mohamed Ebrahim Mohamed Al Asi - Member
Yaser Mohamed Arif Sadiq - Member
Mujtaba Ahmed Hasan Jalib - Member
Burhan Aftab Ahmed A. Karim - Member
Robert John Albert Philips - Member
Omran A. Karim - Member
Asya Mohamed Saber Al Alansari​ - Member

Is declared the Bahrain Cricket decision issued by His Highness the President of the Bahrain Olympic Committee and the formation of the Board of Directors in 2001 under No. 79 The Council is composed of 8 members and is considered the Board of Directors of a mixture of sports personalities interested Ballah and public figures in the UK who have a love of playing the game , both in the sport of cricket .

Facilitates things Union chairman Professor Abdul Aziz Salim Elias and director Miran Union cock Osman , one of the unions oversees quality cricket practiced by a number of Bahraini citizens in addition to some of the communities residing in the Kingdom, which began to take its place in the sports community of Bahrain.

Union general who organizes and oversees the many competitions and activities, internal and external , for example :

  1. The organization of the league year for local clubs .
  2. Organize a competition under the name of " Cup of His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa , son of His Royal Highness the Prime Minister and with broad participation, and by all the big clubs and the local public schools in the Kingdom.
  3. Regulate competition on the occasion of the National Day of the Kingdom involving several teams of local and foreign .
  4. Union is participating in many tournaments Gulf , regional and international and achieves good results .
  5. and is preparing to form a women's team representing the Kingdom of Bahrain in external forums .
  6. Union's team of rookies are prepared for the posts of Foreign Affairs.
Achievements :
Because of the time the brief was established Union in which the formation of national teams , but the Board of Directors is interested in the development of the sport through the provision of trainers excellence in the sport since all national teams achieved many achievements on the level of the Gulf is tops Gulf teams in the overall standings as his remarkable achievements on regional and international level and in the current time first team participating in the final qualifying matches for the World Cup qualifiers , which reconciles We hope that by the permission of God.