Bahrain Badminton and Squash Federation


 Year of establishment and publicity: In 1981​

The Bahrain Badminton and Squash Federation was established in 1981 under the chairmanship Youssef Al Khaja, vice president sheikh Ali bin Abdulla Hamad and Ali Fakhro as a member. Before the establishment, there was a committee dealing with the managements of badminton and squash affairs under the chairmanship of sheikh Abulrahman bin Rashid.

Board of Directors:

Sawsan Haji Mohamed Taqawi - President
Abdulla Ahmed Al Baloshi - Vice President
Hisham A. Rahman Mohamed Al Abbasi - General Secretary
Maryam Ali Abdulla Al Amiri - Chairperson of the Committee for Persons with Disabilities
Dana Ali Abdullah - Chairman of the Development Committee
Ebrahim A. Rahim Mohamed Kamal - Financial Secretary / Chairman of Squash Committee​
Noora Hasan Al Sharji - Chairperson of the Women's Committee
Jafer Al Sayed Ebrahim - Chairman of the Badminton Committee

Badminton was founded in Bahrain since the 1930’s and was performed in private clubs. It became more popular as the sport started to expand to include various schools in Bahrain in the 1950’s and 1960’s. In the next three decades, the University of Bahrain presented a group of badminton talents who represented Bahrain in different international tournaments.

The Bahrainis began to play squash first in the 1970’s, and since after the association  was founded in the beginning of the 1980’s, the association  court in Um Al Hassam became the main training court. Now, the association  has its own courts at Khalifa Sports City, which holds its activities and training programs.

Most prominent achievements:

The Bahrain team made many achievements in various Gulf and Arab tournaments where  the Badminton team won many Arab medals. At the Arab Games held in Joran in 1999, the mixed pair Hisham Al khan and Samia Al Qattan won the bronze medal.

At The  Arab Games Which took place in cairo in 2007, the players managed to achieve two Bronze medals in the individual competition by player Jaafar sayed ibrahim, and the doubles competition through the pair Jaafar and Hamed sayed ibrahim, and perhaps the most promint achivements of badminton teams came in 2010 in the arab cup A fifth held in Erbil, where the team won the gold medal and the silver in the singles and doubles by the player jaffar sayed Ibrahim  in the individual competitions and bilateral jaffar sayed ibrahim and Hisam Al khan in the doubles. On the level of squash Bahrain team has achieved many achievements at the level of the gulf, notably the victory of Hisham Al khan four times in second place in the Gulf Championship in the years 91 to 94, while at the age group level Ibrahim Al Thawadi won the gulf Championship under 16 years in 1991.

The most important achievements of federation in the recent period are:

-          Golden  Gulf Squash  Championship at the level of under 19 – teams  in 2016.

-          Gold medal of  the Arab champion at the doubling level in 2017.

-          Gold medal of  the Arab champion at the level of teams in 2017.

-          Silver medal of  the Arab champion at the individual level in 2017.​

Local competitions involving under federation:

-          Local Squash League.

-          Open tournaments for Badminton and squash.

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