Bahrain Athletics Association

​​Board of Directors:

​H.H. Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad bin Isa Alkhalifa - President
Mohammed Abdullatif bin Jalal - Vice President
Rashid Ahmed Rashid Al Buanain - General Secretary
Bader Nasser Mohamed Nasser - Assistant General Secretary
Khalid Mubarak Al Dossary - Treasurer
Mohammed Ali Ahmed Abdulrahman - Competition & Referees Committee head 
Mohammed Abdulaziz Mohammed Salim - National Teams Competition head
Khalid Fares Isa Al Qattani - International Affairs coordinator
Ruqaya Mansoor Al Ghasra - Talents team head
Yousif Abdulqader - Director


Since it has been founded, the Bahrain Athletic Association technically depended in the beginning on outstanding Egyptian coaches. Coaches from US and the Arab region were also hired. They all did well and the outcome of their work was reflected in Asia's 400 meter- hurdle champion, Ahmed Jassem, with a record of 31.49 as well as in the 110 - meter racing of the Arab tournament with a record of 17.14.

The fastest runner in the Arab region in 1989 and holder of the 41.10- second record of the 100- meter race, Khalid Jom'a was another evidence of such outstanding endeavors of those coaches, not to speak of numerous Bahraini calibers who proved to be distinct referees and arbitrators.

on September 23, 1995, it was such a marvelous moment when the Bahraini runner, Abdulaziz Matter came up to the Decoration stand of the Asian 200-meter Championship waving to supporting fans who gathered to watch a newborn star.

Bahrain's flag were fluttering high in the sky of the Indonesian Capital of Jakarta and the national anthom was played.

The record of the Asian Champion, Abdulaziz Matter is an achievement for the Bahraini sport in general and to the field and track sport in particular, as that 18-year old young man an outstanding victory over the Chinese champion Huang and the Japanese Osakada when he ended the race in 76.20 seconds.

On the high - level sports, the former Asian champion, Ahmed Hamada -who had also been decorated on the Asian Tournament Stand - was not - and will never be- Bahrain's only champion to have that honor, and Abdulaziz Matter is an example of this. Many others of their colleagues to come will also prove that anticipation.

Bahraini records that have been achieved later on also confirm that; such as Salem Nasser Bekheet's silver medal and the promising racer Fatma Ebrahim's bronze medal both won in the 12th Arab High Jump Championship in Syria.

Bahrain's female players team was the first of a kind in the Gulf to take part in the Arab field and track competitions.