Bahrain Olympic Academy , National Sport Medicine Center , & National Anti-Doping Committee works under the umbrella of Bahrain Olympic Committee.

Bahrain Olympic Academy ​

The Bahrain Olympic Academy works under the umbrella of the Bahrain Olympic Committee. Its priorities include setting annual programs and events to build capacity in sport administrators, coaches and stakeholders.


National Sport Medicine Center

The National Sport Medicine Center is considered the best physio-therapy destination for all, athletes and non-athletes.  NSMC physio-therapists are among the best of the country’s physio-therapists, some with over 20 year experience in the field, well-educated and highly qualified to fulfill their position.


National Anti-Doping Committee

The National Anti-Doping Committee is considered an independent consultative, legislative and executive entity under the umbrella of the Bahrain Olympic Committee and a reference with comprehensive authority to all matters related to anti-doping in the Kingdom.