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September 11, 20191

?Bahrain Olympic Committee’s Anti-Doping Committee Chairman Dr Hussain Al Haddad presented a symposium for a group of swimming representatives, in which he briefed them on the latest development in the global fight against doping.
Held in the presence of 25 swimmers, coaches and administrators, the symposium which took place at the Bahrain Swimming Association (BSA) premises in Isa Town was also attended by association general secretary Faisal Swar and BSA board members.
It was organised as part of the Anti-Doping Committee’s continued quest to educate athletes on the dangers of doping, and in compliance to its annual plan
Dr Al Haddad started his symposium with a brief introduction about the definition of doping, its negative influence on health, and explained how to issue medical exceptions which allow the athlete to use medicine containing banned doping as a treatment.
He also briefed them on the list of banned substances for 2015, and talked about the tasks, duties and rights of the athlete once he is taken for a doping test, besides the steps before, during and after extraction of the blood sample.
Dr Al Haddad then noted the most important variables occurred in the sanctions of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which doubled the ban on those involved in doping from two to four years, and reviewed the most important items of the global Code of anti-doping, which emphasizes the importance of keeping the privacy of the players before their conviction.
The symposium was followed by an open question and answer session. Late on, Dr Al Haddad distributed an anti-doping guide, which was prepared by the committee to raise awareness of the dangers of this scourge. He also presented a commemorative shield to the BSA, which was collected by Swar.

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