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September 11, 20190

?The Bahrain Olympic Committee’s (BOC) own Twitter account has received accreditation and authentication from the company, the committee stated yesterday (Thursday).
The news brought another success to the committee’s previous achievements of the Information Technology directorate in its bid to manage e-content of social networking websites.
Information Technology director Nawaf Abdulerahman was pleased with the decision, which he attributed to the successful strategy of his directorate in regards to the committee’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter accounts since 2013 to boost communication with the Bahrain and overseas societies.
He added that the e-content of the BOC is based on an integrated system to ensure deployment to a larger number of observers, adding that receiving the accreditation and authentication of Twitter underlines its trust and credibility for what the committee is broadcasting in terms of news and date.
Abdulrahman pointed out that the accreditation and authentication would contribute protect the committee’s account from theft and would earn more credibility, and noted that obtaining this accreditation was a result of a series of correspondences with the company, which is a new asset to the committee.
Social networks users can follow the Bahrain Olympic Committee news through the following accounts – Twitter: @bahrainolympic, Facebook: bahrain olympic committee, Instagram: @bahrainolympic, and website: www.boc.bh.

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