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September 11, 20193

?The Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC) recently launched its cloud computing project in cooperation with Microsoft, becoming the first Arab organization to obtain this service.
The committee chose Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, running on Windows Azure Infrastructure Services and featuring a package of services which includes ‘Cloud Hosting’, providing high availability and scalability, as well as fast performance and strong security.
As part of the promotional efforts leading up to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, the organization’s IT department needed to develop a new comprehensive website that contained a primary committee site as well as future subsites for each of the country’s 27 sports associations. The new site would have to meet requirements for high availability.
“End users expect fast-loading pages and overall strong performance,” said IT Manager of the Bahrain Olympic Committee Nawaf Abdulrahman. “Without that, the committee’s reputation could suffer.”
“We knew the number of visitors to the site would grow quickly over the next few years, and we also wanted to add dynamic content including videos,” added Abdulrahman.
The IT team also sought to find a secure hosting solution to protect against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and other attacks.
“There will always be people who try to target websites through DDoS attacks, so it is very important for us to have a secure solution,” said Abdulrahman.
The BOC evaluated traditional and cloud-based hosting solutions before ultimately choosing the Windows Azure cloud platform.
“We looked at many tier 1 hosting solutions, but Microsoft solution offered the best price and the most features,” said Abdulrahman.
The committee will be able to easily scale its website to support thousands of users around the world. “Windows Azure will definitely meet our demands for future scalability,” said Abdulrahman.
“As we expand the websites for each sports association, we know we can accommodate the traffic increase, especially as we move toward the next Olympic Games. And we will be able to use Windows Azure to easily support our new disaster recovery solution to extend our entire IT infrastructure. Azure gives us a single solution for all our expansion plans.”
The solution will also give the committee strong security, through load balancing that can mitigate DDoS attacks from the Internet. “The technology in Windows Azure makes DDoS attacks very difficult,” said Abdulrahman.


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