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September 11, 20191

Seventy six of Bahrain’s most prominent sports officials were honored at the awards ceremony of Shaikh Isa bin Rashid Al Khalifa Award for Voluntary Work on Sunday (June 5).
This award is named after Shaikh Isa bin Rashid Al Khalifa, second vice-chairman of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, and BOC honorary president, who is known as one of the founders of sports movement nationally, regionally and continentally.
Sports candidates with top regional, continental and international posts over the past years received special awards at Sofitel Hotel in Zallaq.
The awards ceremony was organized by the Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC) and the event and patronized by Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, representative of His Majesty the King for Charity Works and Youth Affairs, Supreme Council for Youth and Sports Chairman, and BOC President.
It was also attended by other top sports figures, including Supreme Council for Youth and Sports vice-chairman and Bahrain Athletics Association president Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa and Shaikh Isa bin Rashid Al Khalifa.
Witnessed by high-ranking sports guests and invitees, this 90-minute function started with MBC Channel’s Arab famous sports programme presenter Mustafa Al Agha welcoming the attendees.
BOC general secretary Abdulrahman Askar, who was heading the Advisory Committee of the award, then delivered his speech, in which he congratulated Shaikh Nasser on being named as new Higher Commission for Financial Cooperation and Coordination president.
Late on, Shaikh Nasser presented the awards to the candidates named for the evening. Honorees included West Asian Athletics Federation president Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, FIFA vice-president and AFC president Shaikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa, vice-president of Olympic Council of Asia for West Asia Shaikh Isa bin Rashid Al Khalifa and Arab Golf Federation president Shaikh Abdulla bin Salman Al Khalifa.
List of Honorees:
1. Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa (West Asian Athletics Federation president); 2. Shaikh Isa bin Rashid Al Khalifa (Olympic Council of Asia vice-president for West Asia); 3. Shaikh Abdulla bin Salman Al Khalifa (Arab Golf Federation President); 4 Shaikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa (FIFA vice-president and Asian Football Confederation President); 5. Saleh bin Isa bin Hindi (International Military Sports Council member); 6. Shaikh Abdulrahman bin Rashid Al Khalifa (Arab Volleyball Association president); 7. The late Shaikh Abdulrahman bin Faris Al Khalifa (Asian Volleyball Confederation president); 8. Shaikh Daij bin Khalifa Al Khalifa (Special Olympics Regional Advisory Council chairman); 9. Shaikh Hamoud bin Abdulla Al Khalifa (Arab Sports for All Federation president); 10. Shaikh Khalifa bin Abdulla Al Khalifa (Arab Maritime Sports Federation president); 11. Shaikha Hayat bint Abdulaziz Al Khalifa (Arab Table Tennis Federation first vice-president); 12. Shaikh Ali bin Abdulla Al Khalifa (Asian Shooting Federiiton president); 13 Mohamed Al Moawda (Asian Basketball Confederation second vice-chairman; 14. Excellency Shaikh Sabah bin Hamad Al Khalifa (Arab Handball Federation second vice-president); 15. Shaikh Ali bin Mohammed Al Khalifa (Arab Volleyball Confederation president); 16 Shaikh Ibrahim bin Salman Al Khalifa (Arab Fencing Federation first vice-chairman); 17. Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa (International Equestrian Federation first vice-president); 18. Shaikh Talal bin Mohammed Al Khalifa (West Asia Athletics Federation president); 19. Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Asian Cycling Federation member); 20. Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa (Asian Football Confederation member); 21 Shaikh Abdullah bin Rashid Al Khalifa (International Federation of Bodybuilders vice-president); 22. Shaikh Mohammed bin Salman Al Khalifa (Wet Asian Taekwondo Federation vice-president); 23. Mohammed bin Ali Abul (Arab Handball Federation member); 24. Mohammed Jassim Hamada (International Volleyball Federation Executive Vice President & Asian Volleyball Federation vice-president); 25. Faisal Abdulwahab Swar (Asian Swimming Federation treasurer); 26. The late Yusuf Ali Khaja (Arab Squash Federation vice-president); 27 Ali bin Saqer Al Nuaimi (Arab Golf Union vice-president); 28 Abduljalil Mirza Asad Asian Handball Federation member); 29 Ahmed Ashour Al Kooheji (Asian Basketball Federation member); 30. Majid Sultan Sports for All Federation Executive Office member); 31. Nasser Mohammed (Arab Volleyball Confederation member; 32. Mustafa Mohammed Ahmed (Arab Golf Union Secretary General); 33. Dr. Abduljalil Al Ansari (member of Arab and World Taekwondo Federations); 34. Ali Ahmed Bucheery (board member of Arab Handball Federation); 35 Mohamed Isa Abdulrahim (International Sports for All Federation president); 36. Adel Abdulrahman Al Asomi (Asian Basketball Federation first vice-chairman); 37. Abdulla Ahmed (Arab Bowling Federation vice-president); 38. Ahmed Al Thawadi (Sports for Special Needs West Asian Executive Office member); 39. Ali Isa Isaaqi (member of Arab and Asian Handball Federations); 40. Dr. Tarek Ahmed Al Shaibani (Secretary-General of International Sports for All Federation); 41. Nizar Hashim Al Toblani (member of Arab Billiards and Snooker Federation); 42. Fareed Taha Al Shehabi (board member of Asian Bowling Federation); 43. Isa Ismail Al Awadi (vice-president of Asian Motocross Federation); 44. Jihad Hassan Khalfan (Secretary-General of Arab Volleyball Confederation); 45. Noaman Rashid Al Hassan (Secretary General of Arab Maritime Sports Federation); 46. Mohammed Abdullatif Jalal (Secretary-General of West Asian Athletics Federation); 47. Mohammed Abdulla Janahi (board member of Arab Badminton and Squash Federation); 48. Abdulla Abdulghaffar (member of Asian Basketball Federation); 49. Mohammed Abdulaziz Mohammed Salem (board member of Arab Athletics Federation); 50. Abdulla Ahmed Abdullah (board member of Asian Handball Federation); 51. Khalid Mohammad Hassan (member of Executive Office of Arab Taekwondo Federation); 52. Hisham Abdulrahman Al Abbasi (board member of Arab and Asian Badminton and Squash Federations); 53. Mohammed Kasem (president of Asian Sports Press Federation); 54. Hassan Bahloul (Media); 55. Ahmed Reda (Media); 56. Ruqaya Al Ghasra (Asian Athletics Federation member); 57. Maryam Qamber (Sports for All Federation member); 68. Khulood Khlaifat (Arab Karate Federation member); 60. Mohammed Lori, Abbas Al Aali, Majid Al Aradi, Salman Al Haiki, Aqeel Al Sayed, Ahmed Karim (Award Advisory Committee members); 66. Shaikh Ahmed bin Hamad bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa (member of West Asian Federation); 67. Shaikh Khalifa bin Abdulla Al Khalifa (member of Arab Swimming Federation); 68. Shaikh Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa (president of Karting Committee & member of World Council of Motorsports); 69. Abdulkakim Mohammed (president of CISM); 70. Firas Jawad Al Halwachi (Assistant Secretary General of Arab Volleyball Confederation); 71. Essam Mohamed Kamal (member of FIBA for people with special needs); 72. Dr. Wael Bassiouni (board member of Arab Bridge Federation); 73. Mohammed Abdul Rahim Abdulla (Vice President of Asian Body Building and Weight Lifting Federation); 74 Isa Mohammed ( Board member of Arab Handball Federation); 75 late Jameel Jawad Al Jishi (vice president of Arab Football Confederation); 76. Late Abdulla Isa Hassan (board member of Arab Table Tennis Federation).

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