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September 11, 20190

?A Level 4 Course, part of the National Coaching Programme, got underway recently with 18 coaches from different national clubs and sports federations in the fray.The course is being organised by the Bahrain Olympic Committee’s Sports Training and Development Section, based at Manama Club in Juffair.The course is part of the annual plan of the Sports Training and Development Section, headed by Nabeel Taha, to qualify national coaches in different sports.A variety of issues are being highlighted at this course, such as energy systems and how to design training programs in physical preparation.Sessions are being conducted by Ph.D. Jonathan Tremblay from University of Montreal in Canada, and is considered one of the leading specialists in the field of energy systems and physical preparation.He also has numerous researches in this area, in addition to overseeing several doctoral and master dissertations.The fourth level course features 12 training missions in total, as the program is held within the annual plan of the Sports Training and Development Section which seeks to attract highly qualified lecturers in the field of sports training.The National Coaching Programme, held in collaboration with the Coaching Association of Canada, is one of the most respected and highest qualified programmes on the regional and global levels.The Bahrain Olympic Committee has recently extended its agreement with the CAC to continue its benefit from this programme.The course is being supervised by Sports Training and Development Section specialist Ali Qamber, and is being sponsored by Mahthooth Al Khaleej.The National Coaching Program started in 1998 as per an agreement signed between the Bahrain Olympic Committee and the Coaching Association of Canada, where more than 1,600 coaches have graduated from different courses to start coaching various national sports teams.

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